A few words about me and my approach as a wedding photographer, if I may: I have been a Bali Wedding Photographer for over eight years and have been documenting in excess of 500 Bali destination weddings for couples from across the world.

For me, wedding photography in Bali is not a profession, but a calling driven by an innate curiosity for what lies beyond the obvious.

I am passionate about wedding photography and believe in the power of the enduring still image in our fast-paced world where the emphasis is on immediacy. An intimate photograph stops time and allows you to reflect, to relive a moment and above all: TO FEEL.

I am consumed with a desire to be an eyewitness to the diversity of human emotions and to record all the defining moments of your wedding in Bali. I do so with empathy and honesty.

I harness the story-telling power of wedding photojournalism by highlighting your own individuality and through meticulous attention to details. Some people have asked how could I have made such compelling and engaging photographs – my answer is: how could I not…

Wedding at Sinaran Surga: Forever G Love

  Firstly a word of explanation: What is ‘G Love’ ? Well, the way I see it, it’s a bit like the G force. But rather than binding physical objects to the surface of the earth G Love as I witnessed it, is the beautiful and electrifying bond of Ginny &...

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Bali engagement photography

  Being or getting engaged is for most couples a very special time of their live. So it comes without surprised that many couples come to our magical island for their Bali engagement photography. And I love this kind of shoots. Increasingly there are...

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This underwater photo shoot is definitely my best so far. Mainly because of these two wonderful guys: Lana & Tom. Giving directions for an under water shoot is always a bit tough. Try to get someone to smile underwater and you will know what I am...

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Semara Wedding

  Firstly please see the video of this fantastic Bali wedding:     Dru & Mariana’s wedding took place at Semara Resort . An absolutely gorgeous location overlooking the Lombok Straits. And they could not have asked for a better day. The...

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Honeymoon photographs

  Julia & Anton just got married a few days before coming to Bali. Back home they did not have a big wedding, just the paper work. Consequently they were very much keen on having honeymoon / wedding photographs taken during their vacation in Bali....

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Pictures of a fun wedding in Bali

  I deliberately choose the word fun in the title of this blog post. Because this wedding was really a fun wedding in Bali. I already knew that its going to be that way, because a few days before the wedding I had a full day pre-wedding session with...

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How a Bali villa wedding should be

  The Bali villa wedding of Debby & Adam was a picture perfect wedding and in my opinion how a dream wedding should be. The Bali villa wedding venue: Overlooking the Lombok strait this must be one of the villas with the best view on the island....

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pre wedding – new tricks – new locations

  I think I have a new favorite pre wedding photo shoot for this year. Jade, the bride contacted me a few months ago and said she loved my pre wed work but she would like to have more… than my usual work. I gladly accepted this challenge because I was...

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A fun-tastic Wedding

  As Bali wedding photographer I have the wonderful opportunity to witness weddings of all sizes, shapes and cultures. And it never ceases to amaze me how different weddings can be. From quite a few previous Chinese weddings I knew that they like to...

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Honeymoon photo symphony

  I had actually planned to go on a longer vacation during August / September and therefore turned down Elena’s inquiry for a honeymoon photo shoot in Bali. However, she advised that they will be in Bali for a longer period and she is very positive...

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Nuptials & Superlatives

  I have chosen this title not by chance, but because the nuptials of Sam & Mike were one of superlatives indeed. Even for a seasoned – “seen it all” – Bali wedding photographer…  Firstly: Sam: the stunning bride and her RED SHOES… can...

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