The wedding of Maxi & Krystal


This wedding was to be held in the Bvlgari resort but for reasons unknown to me it was moved in the last minute to a spectacular villa very close by.

The couple decided to kneel during the performance of their nuptials, which is rather uncommon but form a photographic standpoint an excellent choice. However, the most unique aspect as far as wedding photography is concerned was, that I was to present a part of the wedding photographs in Black & White vintage style.  Because the client wanted to have a consistent look and feel of all the photographs very similar techniques were applied to achieve that.

In the following please find a limited selection of those vintage photographs.


Vintage wedding photoVintage wedding photoVintage wedding photoVintage wedding photoVintage wedding photo


To see the color photographs of this wedding please follow this link.

Please let me know if you also want your wedding photographs to be made in this or in a similar style. And also note that we have another post in this blog with Bali vintage wedding photographs.


‘Yours – Dominik



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