Although the following photographs were neither taken in Bali, nor on a wedding I still feel that they are very much worth sharing with you. Those photographs are very close to my heart because not only were they taken during a recent visit to my home town in the Austrian alps but more importantly the people you see in those photographs are my own family ! My brother, his wife and my two nephews. Those two little ‘buggers’ I had met for the first time and I immediately felt a very deep connection.

We all were also very lucky because the weather in Austria can be ‘tricky’ but this May everything was just perfect as you can see in the following photographs. Although we had set apart a whole afternoon for this photo session we ended up photographing for less than two hours because we were to busy being family, having fun and enjoying each other’s company.


Family PhotographsFamily PhotographerFamily-PhotographyFamily-Photographs


I hope you enjoyed looking at those photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

For more examples of my family photography work please follow this link.


As always

Yours truly – Dominik



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