The wedding


Stevie and Rupert


Bali chapel wedding at Tresna wedding chapel


This lovely couple which originally stems from the UK wanted to hold a small intimate wedding in a romantic wedding chapel in Bali. They were accompanied only by their closest family and some friends, who all flew in from Europe for this joyous occasion. In the following please find some photographs of the chapel and the décor.


Bali Chapel TresnaBali Chapel TresnaBali Chapel Tresna


Holding their nuptials in an air-conditioned chapel allowed for formal dressing and both the couple, as well as their guests were indeed very well dressed for the occasion. The preparations were taking place in the adjacent bridal villa with the bride, her sister and her mother getting ready in one room and the gentlemen in another room. Here are some photographs of the getting-ready.



The wedding was organized by the resort in conjunction with a team from Bali Wedding paradise.  And they all did a flawless job. The chapel was beautifully decorated and a small trio of musicians provided for a truly regal setting.

First were the gentlemen walking down the stairs towards the chapel, followed by the bride’s sister and the bride accompanied by her mother. What a marvelous sight as you can see in the following pictures.



The backlight coming in through the chapel’s back window was a bit tricky for photographs but nevertheless allowed for some truly spectacular imagery of the ceremony.  The ceremony itself was all perfect and the Rupert & Stevie were enjoying every bit of it. See for yourself:



For Rupert & Stevie it was very important to have relaxed, yet formal wedding photographs taken after the ceremony and the resort’s grounds are indeed very well suited for photography.  Rupert felt a bit hot in his suit, but that was not to deter the photographs.  The photo session started with a horse carriage ride on the hotel’s grounds.



We then took a buggy and searched out the most spectacular locations on the resort’s grounds. As you can see from the photographs Rupert and Stevie enjoyed having their pictures taken and I think this joy is very much visible on the following photographs:



The highlights of this photo session were the sunset photographs. We had to rush between several locations to make optimal use of the light during Bali very short sunset period.



We then also had the opportunity to take a few post sunset shots at the dinner venue before the guests arrived. While the guest were brought to the reception venue Rupert & Stevie were enjoying a few relaxed moments at the bar close by where guest could not see them.



Rupert & Stevie made a spectacular entrance and started the evening off with their first dance. This was followed by the cake cutting. With all the formalities out of the way they sat down and enjoyed the culinary delights that were prepared for them.



The wedding of Rupert & Stevie was indeed a very intimate and romantic event.  I hope those photographs will give them a memory they shall cherish as much as they cherished their magnificent wedding in Bali.

This is what Stevie & Rupert had to say:


Hi Dominik!

We wanted to put into writing our thoughts of our experience with yourself as our wedding photographer in Bali .

Obviously organising a wedding from overseas is not an easy task, but you were ahead of all the other photographers in Bali before even meeting you, due to prompt and professional responses on emails, where you always answered every one of my 101 questions before we even confirmed you as our photographer for the wedding.
On meeting you prior to the wedding in Bali, you fully re-assured us and filled us with confidence that our wedding photography was in good hands. Your knowledge of our wedding venue and how the day would unfold was second to none! and the additional advice you gave us from your years of wedding photography experience in Bali was greatly received, and again put our minds at ease.
On the day, you went beyond the call of duty being our photographer, as you were organising , directing and getting the job done to produce the awesome pictures you delivered.  Also, your ability to speak fluent Indonesian was priceless on the day.
And the photos…..well what can we say… of those pictures speaks a millions words.
Thanks doesn’t really seem enough. But a huge thanks for all you have done so far.

Rupert & Stevie


I also have to say a word of apology to the hotel’s wedding coordinators, whose schedule I slightly messed up – but only in order to get the most spectacular photos possible for Rupert & Stevie.

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As always,


Your’s truly –  Dominik



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