It was such a privilege and honour having been chosen as the wedding photographer of this luxurious Bali villa wedding of superlatives. Let me explain: Over 200 meters private beach front, a villa that would better be called a castle, an altar setup under gently swaying coconut trees, a cheerful crowd, all dressed in white, magnificent décor, a string quartet and more – these were the ingredients for the magnificent fairy tale wedding of Rob & Natalie.

I had been in touch via email with Natalie for quite a long time before the wedding and she even came to another wedding observing my photography work,  to make sure that I am the right one to be entrusted with the task of photographing her and Rob’s luxurious Bali villa wedding . We met for the first time a few months before the wedding and had a lengthy meeting where we discussed an ideal schedule for their luxurious Bali villa wedding and her desires in terms of photography and how she would like her nuptials to be documented. I suggested to her that she should apply an ‘all white’ dress code and a few other details which she all incorporated. Three days before the wedding we met again at the villa where the event was to take place and we finalized the exact location of where the altar setting was to be set up and how it would look best with regard to the light for wedding photography.


Wedding Photographer Bali Villa WeddingWedding-Photographer-Bali-Villa-WeddingBali-Wedding-Photographer-Villa-WeddingBali-Wedding-Photographer-Villa-Wedding-photo


Natalie was very particular about details as she is clearly a perfectionist. She wanted all to be perfect for her luxurious Bali villa wedding – and perfection she got.  Vendors already started decorating in the morning. I arrived shortly after lunch time because they wanted a lot of impressions of the setup and the preparations. Natalie was getting ready in one of the countless bedrooms. With her were some of her closest friends and members of her and Rob’s family. Rob and his best man were getting ready in another villa but arrived well ahead of the ceremony. Guests also started to ‘trickle in’ early and many of them first stood in awe upon seeing this magnificent space. They were treated to light cocktails while a string quartet provided for a regal setting.



After the guest were seated, Rob and his best man entered the venue. Natalie was accompanied by her father on the long march from the villa down to the lawn where their nuptials were  to take place. Preceding them were two lovely dressed flower girls and Natalie’s maid of honour and her baby boy.  When walking down the aisle the crowd greeted them cheerfully.



The ceremony was held down on lawn of the villa overlooking the Indian ocean. It could not get any better than this. A light breeze was providing ‘natural air-conditioning’.  The ceremony was carried out by a celebrant and the string quartet plus a magnificent guitar player provided for some background music. As you can see from the following photographs Rob & Natalie very much enjoyed the ceremony and I would say: they clearly had fun.

Friends of Natalie read a poem during the ceremony – a very emotional moment.  It all went without a hitch and upon conclusion the couple walked through the isle while being showered with flowers.  Guests were then treated for an exclusive array of colorful cocktails and mouth-watering canapés.



After that group and family photographs were taken.  And after this part concluded the first slight glitch of this fabulous wedding became apparent. The schedule was set in such a way that after the group & family photo session the couple was supposed to take sunset photographs on the beach.  However for a multitude of reasons we were over one hour behind schedule – I need to emphasize that nobody was to blame for this.  So there was no natural light left that would have been required for romantic couple photos at the beach, etc.. Needless to say that Natalie and Rob were a bit upset. However, in the end this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we then set up another dedicated photo session on the next day, which, due to perfect conditions and the fact that the couple was completely relaxed, turned out much better than it could have been on the wedding day. Back to the wedding day: The non availability of light was not to deter us and we took some lovely photographs on the ground whereby I tried to incorporate illuminated elements of the venue’s décor and other backgrounds. Judge for yourselves whether I succeeded doing so.



The reception started by Natalie and Rob being announced by the master of ceremony and they entered the venue under cheerful applause of their guests. It was decided to start the evening with the first dance. I did suggest to Natalie to do a ‘2nd dance’ to, whereby bride and groom dance with moms and dads… and she gladly followed my suggestion which resulted in some very emotional moments again.



After that the dinner commenced Natalie & Rob still found time to visit each table in-between indulging in the culinary treasures.

Another highlight of that evening was a spectacular show by a group of fire-dancers . This was followed by a cake cutting with fireworks being set off in the background. Soon after people started to crowd the dance floor and they danced into the night. Everyone was having a blast.

And in the following please find a selection of the photographs that were taken on the day after the wedding.



I feel very privileged having had the honourable task of documenting this magnificent event.

This wedding was brilliantly and flawlessly planned and coordinated by Jameela Tey’s team – proly the best wedding planners on the island of Bali. For further information on Bali wedding please see their fantastic website: BALI WEDDING BLOG .

And, as always if you have any questions about this luxurious Bali villa wedding please feel free to drop me a line. In case you would like your luxurious Bali villa wedding to be also such a fabulous event you may want to check out this article about luxurious Bali villa weddings and also this article .


Yours truly’




The mother of the Rob just sent me this:


I was standing right next to you when you took many of these pictures. How come my pictures look NOTHING like yours???? You are an amazing artist. These are not photographs, these represent art in its truest form. You have a wonderful artistic eye. I am grateful to you for providing such vivid memories of such an important day for our family. Thank you for your time and patience in making each photo into a beautiful memory of such a wonderful day.  Your photos help us to relive the joy and happiness of Rob and Natalie’s wedding.

Thank you.  Barbara

(Rob’s mother)



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