The beachfront villa wedding in Bali


Mark & Ali


I feel very fortunate that I had been chosen as the wedding photographer for this beachfront villa wedding in Bali because never, ever have I photographed a Bali wedding as emotionally charged as the wedding of Ali & Mark. One could literally feel the ‘electricity’ between the two of them.  While I don’t think that one couple’s emotions for each other are stronger than others it is the way people let emotion show or not show.  And this was a ‘free-flow’ or proly more aptly named a waterfall of emotions… 🙂

The beachfront villa wedding in Bali of Mark & Ali was held at one of the newer villas popular for weddings, a bit north of Canggu. What I like about this venue is that because of the layout of this villa the couple truly overlooks the ocean while on the altar and so do the attending guests.

When the bride, accompanied by her mother came walking down the stairs heading towards the altar time stood still for a moment and even the crushing sound of the waves ceased for a moment.  Laughter and tears came in equal measure during the ceremony and the Mark and Ali obviously enjoyed that their relationship finally ended (I’d actually would prefer to use the word ‘started’, but it kinda sounds funny in this context) in marriage.


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For me personally the highlight of this wedding, which poignantly expressed the excitement of the two,    was when Mark instead of walking off the altar decided to dance off the altar after the ceremony concluded… you gotta see it to believe it.



Ali is a woman , or should I say a lady, who clearly knows what she wants and shows that she is in charge of things. But surprisingly she completely surrendered control to me when we started the photo session and let me take care of things… The late afternoon sunset light with it’s and yellow – orange hues beautifully amplified the warmth of Ali and Marks deep emotional bond and their love for each other.



Meanwhile guests were treated to cocktails and canapés at the villa’s pool side and the enjoyed a spectacular sunset.  Shortly afterwards the dinner reception commenced and the couple plus the bridal party made a spectacular entrance under the cheering applause of their friends and family.

The emotional intensity of this wedding continued throughout the evening and was particularly apparent in the speech of Ali’s mom and when the newlyweds paid tribute to people very dearly held in their hearts, who could not be part of this wedding. It all finally culminated in the couple’s first dance, after which my assignment concluded.



I wish Ali & Mark that their union will remain ‘electrified’ for years to come…

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And here is also a video of that Wedding:


Yours Truly  – Dominik


UPDATE: Ali, the bride just sent me the following:

Hi Dominik,


We just arrived back in cold Sydney and wishing we were still away…I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for all the photos, the albums and the video – they are fantastic. Being from Australia and deciding to get married in Bali really makes it difficult to know who the best suppliers are, but after some extensive research on the internet and having a plethora of photographers and their galleries to view and browse through, Mark and I landed on your site and chose to go with you as you seemed to have the most perse clientele and all photo galleries were beautiful and I felt you captured each of the weddings you had photographed fabulously.


The end result of both the photographs and the video from our wedding were superb and we couldn’t be happier with what has been produced and the keepsake that represents our wedding and what was such a special and important day for us. Being a “destination wedding” we obviously had friends and family members who were not able to make the trip due to various reasons but the albums and the dvd that you and your team put together accurately showcases the emotion and memories that were formed on the day which we can proudly share with those unable to be there in person.


From our first communication you were very professional and answered all our emails and questions promptly, which was another key determining factor to choosing you as our photographer. We loved how passionate you came across after our meeting a few days prior to the wedding as well as your “no mucking around” attitude…we knew we could count on you to capture what needed to be captivated without wasting an ounce of our time on a day we wanted to enjoy and savour and one which goes so quickly.


The blog story on your website of our wedding is fantastic, thank you so much. It is so nice to see the way you viewed our wedding and how it came across to an outsider and someone not related was exactly how the day came across to us also. This is exactly how the days events came across in the photographs too, so we really appreciate the true representation shown in your work.

I’m thrilled we also decided to do the videography as I think it really caught all the “waterfall of emotions” as well. Your video team did a wonderful job ! Mark and I are truly grateful for this beautiful documentation of our wedding day – your photographs and the video will help us to keep this wonderful day in Bali in our memory forever.


Ali & Mark


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