Wedding photography in Lembongan Bali


For nothing in the world would I have wanted to miss this brilliant beach wedding in Lembongan island – thank you so much Kathy and Darren for choosing me as your wedding photographer for your  wedding!  For those who dont know Lembongan: It is a small island about 30-40 minutes by boat from Bali and going there feels like traveling back in time. Lembongan islands has only a handful of cars and walking is the main way of transport. The beaches are dotted with old-style Indonesian Losmen accommodation.  And it is exactly that simplicity and the charm of this island that has made Kathy and Darren to return over and over to Lembongan since many years. So it was a natural choice for them to hold their wedding in this place which they hold so dearly to their heart.


Lembong island beach


This wedding already started  uniquely different with the bride arriving in a traditional Balinese fishing boat accompanied by her children who gracefully lifted her out of the boat put her gently onto the sand. Bali’s most sacred mountain Gunung Agung clearly visible in the background.




Kathy & Darren were wed in the shade of gently swaying coconut trees a few meters from the shore line.  While the ceremony was held they stood together with their 6 children. The mid-afternoon sun’s rays glancing through the foliage provided for a gorgeous backlight, that illuminated the whole scene with gorgeous  yellow – orange hues. Their nuptials where officiated by my personal favorite priest in Bali: Father Eka, who always manages to bring a very personal and humorous component to weddings.


Bali Lembongan Beach Wedding PhotoBali Lembongan Beach Wedding PhotoBali Lembongan Beach Wedding PhotoBali Lembongan Beach Wedding PhotoBali Lembongan Beach Wedding PhotoBali Lembongan Beach Wedding PhotoBali Lembongan Beach Wedding Photo


Walking off the altar they were showered with red flower petals. A magical moment…



Following this was a photo session with the couple’s children, which was a very important part for Kathy and Darren because it is rather rare for them that the whole family comes together. After the photo session concluded the couple took off again in a boat heading back towards where the reception venue.



The reception was held in a beach side restaurant which is part of the Losmen where the couple and many of their friends resided. The evening started with Darren & Kathy cutting their wedding cake and a traditional Balinese dance performance.



While guests gathered for the evening the couple witnessed a spectacular sunset during which I was able to capture some truly romantic photographs.



The theme of evening was all fun and very informal. As the first dance Kathy & Darren put a fabulous tango onto the dance floor.


Kathy, Darren – thank you !


Yours truly – Dominik



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