Usually I choose the titles of my blog entries in such a way that they say something about the wedding I photographed or the venue where in Bali the that wedding took place. Not so this time because this wedding marks a turning point in my career as wedding photographer in Bali. This is because a few weddings ago a embarked on a stylistic adventure and underwent sort of a metamorphosis. I now put much more emphasize  on the emotional and situational aspects than I used to do in the past.

Before I continue I would like say THANK YOU to my mentor Michael R. , himself an accomplished photographer who taught me to walk when I was still a photographic toddler. And, who over the years occasionally chimed in when I deviated from correct path of photographic virtues. In 2011 we started to engage in sometimes heated debates over my stylistic choices of how I photograph weddings and how I ‘cook’ (edit / post produce) my photographs. He accused me of having a too cold photographic style and lacking the candidness that has become so popular and of which discerning brides have become so fond of. He challenged me by calling me hopeless and alleging me of loosing it… Now I LOVE nothing more than a challenge being brought upon me and responded that nothing would be easier for me than adjusting my style while fearing that I may have taken my mouth to full once more…

So about 2-3 weddings ago I started my pursuit for more emotionally laden, situational photographs. And although the last few weddings¬† already had very strong bias towards warmth and candidness I would like to present the following photographs for matriculation exam… and invite you to be my judge.


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