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The Wedding of John & Kyra


Being the wedding photographer for John & Kyra at their fabulous wedding in one of Bali’s most spectacular chapels was very special for me. Doing wedding photography at such a magnificent venue is naturally a solid basis for good photos. But at Kyra & John’s wedding it was more than that !  A very outgoing couple, a lovely bridal party  and one of the best dressed bride’s I ever had the pleasure of photographing. When Kyra put on her head -piece (apologies I would not know the correct term for what Kyra was wearing) I was in awe … OMG what a bride !


Bridal makeup at Tresna Bali ChapelBride photo at Tresna Bali ChapelBride photographed at Tresna Bali Chapel


Another highlight in terms of photography was when Kyra, accompanied by her father entered the chapel. The light felt perfectly and provided for a beautiful reflection onto the glass floor of the chapel.


Bride entering wedding chapel in Bali chapel wedding BaliBali chapel weddingBride photograph at Bali chapel weddingLiturgy at Bali chapel weddingBali chapel wedding photophoto of Bali chapel wedding

After the formal group and family photographs completed the couple spontaneously started to do a dance in front of the chapel and were soon joined by the bridal party.


We then embarked on a photo-tour which not only yielded nice photographs but was also an ‘all fun’ affair and I think this ‘fun-factor’ is reflected in the photographs. But please see for yourself.



John & Kyra did not want to have formal reception, but rather opted for a casual cocktail party at one of the hotels bars. To ad some formality they had a cake cutting set against the last glimmer of sunset…



Kyra, John, thank you so much for letting me be your wedding photographer in Bali and for being part of this marvelous event.

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Truly’ – Dominik



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