The wedding of Jake & Tareka


Jake & Tareka contacted me a few months back, even before they had fixed their venue and other details of their wedding in Bali.  They liked our style of candid wedding photography journalism so much that they wanted to secure their wedding photographer first. The wedding took place in a small resort along Legian Beach. The set up and the venue were chosen because of the intimacy and the ‘Bali-flavor’ it offers. Set amid spectacular, typical Balinese architecture and shaded by gently swaying coconut trees it was exactly what Jake & Tareka had hoped for.


Candid wedding photograp from Bali

Tareka’s entrance was spectacular and she looked like an angel while she, accompanied by her sister as the bride’s maid of honour walked towards the altar. Tareka was a bit nervous before the ceremony and full of anticipation but once the ceremony commenced she relaxed and they both enjoyed the proceedings very much.  In the following please find some photographs of the ceremony.


Candid wedding photo BaliCandid wedding photo BaliCandid wedding photo Bali


What a fabulous ceremony




Since they had only a handful of guest we quickly completed the group and family photographs and could embark on a short photo tour around the venue and the beach. The late afternoon sun was perfect for soft and glowing portraits of the couple the bridal party. Please find the resulting photographs in the following.



Jake, Tareka – thank you so much for letting me be your wedding photographer in Bali. On behalf of my team I wish you both all the best and hope our paths may cross again some time in the future.

For more candid wedding photographs taken at this venue you may want to see this blog entry.


Truly yours – Dominik



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