Totally Candid wedding photography in Bali


This wedding was very, very special for me as a candid Bali Wedding Photographer.  For  several reasons: Firstly because it took place on the northern shores of Bali, which offer a uniquely different and spectacular landscape with its deep emerald blue sea and  sea and its dry and sparse landscape. Secondly, because the bride was beyond beautiful and thirdly because the couple was among the most photogenic I ever photographed.  All that combined culminated in some of the most captivating Bali wedding photographs of my career.


Candid Bali Wedding Photo
Candid Bali Wedding Photo


The wedding ceremony was held in a small, romantic resort which had only two luxurious bungalows and a restaurant overlooking the North Bali Sea. And because it was the first wedding to be held there the resorts owner herself put in a lot of effort to make it all perfect.   Unlike in the South where all the priests and the officers from the civil registry speak English at this wedding a translator was assisting although that would have been not necessary as the couple spoke fluently English (but proly the priest did not… )


Candid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding PhotoCandid Bali Wedding Photo


However the real highlight of this wedding, in terms of photography, started when we embarked on a portrait session of the couple.  We began in the gardens of the resort and continued on beach. The northern shores of Bali have a very different , rather rocky beach which proved to be perfect for photographs. However the photographic possibilities there were quickly exhausted and we then embarked on a tour outside the resort which brought us up to the gentle slopes of Bali’s most sacred mountain Gunung Agung.



I am short for words describing the beauty of this barren landscape up there and therefore I rather let the photographs speak for themselves.  Working with this fun-loving and outgoing couple was a breeze and one could be forgiven to assume that those two were international models posing for a fashion or life-style photo-shoot….



Femi, Cai thank you so much for this lovely wedding which I will hold forever dearly in my mind and which will remain a crown jewel in my Bali wedding photography portfolio.

If you dear reader now got excited about holding your nuptials also here in Bali a good starting point would be to check out the BALI WEDDING BLOG, which offers tonnes of independent advice on many aspects of holding and organizing a destination wedding such as the one you just saw.


Yours truly – Dominik



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