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I have been the Bali wedding photographer in all sorts of venues ranging from intimate beach weddings to lavish villa weddings and chapel weddings. And a great number of clients had chosen a particular venue for it’s view.  Angela & Glenn were no exception.  But their brief for the right venue seemed impossible at first. They wanted an absolute super view but without opting for a huge, rather costly villa since they wanted to hold a small and intimate wedding.  But they found exactly what they had in mind. A villa for two, overlooking the Indian Ocean, with a grass thatched pavilion in the garden.  Top privacy, an absolute stunning view, perfect weather and a flawless , deeply emotional wedding, celebrated amongst their closest family and their friend.  1000% perfection – see for yourself those amazing wedding photographs:


Dominik Bali wedding photographer


After the ceremony concluded we went on a short photo tour. Angela, in the correspondence she had with me explicitly requested to have some photos that have a strong Bali-culture flair. But their wedding was held in a rather remote location which has magnificent landscape but not much in terms of Bali –culture flavor. So I arrived 2 hours early and my assistant and me embarked on site survey to find the right backdrop, as Angela requested. And we indeed found photogenic 2 temples in a forest , about 15 minutes drive from the wedding venue.



Upon returning a magnificent sunset presented itself to everyone’s delight.  Here are some of the sunset photographs:



The evening started with a grandiose entrance of the newlyweds and they had a nice, romantic dinner in the same pavilion where the nuptials were performed.  Crowning the evening was a deeply emotional first dance after which my assignment ended.



I need to add that right from the outset I connected very well with this lovely outgoing couple and I had served a client while making new friends.

Angela , Glenn I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to be your wedding photographer in Bali and really enjoyed being part of your wedding and working with you.

Angela also asked me to mention in this blog post that she was extremely happy with the makeup and hair styling services which were provided by BALI makeup & hair.

And as always, if you dear readers are interested to hold your wedding in Bali you may want to check out the Bali Wedding Blog , the ultimate resource on all things Bali wedding , issued by he SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS.


Yours truly – Dominik


This is what Angela & Glenn had to say:

We began our search for a wedding photographer in Bali via the internet.  It was important for us to find the right photographer for such a significant event in our lives.  After reviewing several websites and photographers’ portfolios we found we kept coming back to Dominik’s unique style.  Our first email exchange with Dominik was prompt, efficient and clear.  All emails were answered promptly and Dominik’s extensive knowledge of Bali was most helpful.  The process was made even easier as we were also able to book hair and makeup through him.  I can’t recommend highly enough Bali Hair & Makeup – they did a superb job and made me feel like a princess – my husband could literally not take his eyes off me!!
In regards to the photography, we were very pleased to be able to meet Dominik 3 days before the wedding to go over the plan for the day, our expectations, and to review albums and layout.  We knew straightaway that we had selected the right photographer who clearly had extensive insight & experience. The wedding day went off without a hitch and Dominik’s direction was invaluable to help us achieve the best images.  Three days after the wedding we received the images for us to review and select our favourites for the album.  We trusted Dominik’s advice and guidance and he helped us achieve the most beautiful and memorable album.  We approved the final draft of the album before it went to print.
Overall, Dominik gave us peace of mind and confidence for our big day in a foreign land.  We would highly recommend him to other brides and grooms.  Thank you Dominik.
Mr & Mrs Anderson, New Zealand



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