Wedding Photography at BVLGARI BALI for Enis & Novel


Photographs of a wedding in Bvlgari Resort Bali


Being a professional wedding photographer in Bali is a very gratifying job, especially with clients such as this lovely couple, who were such bliss to work with.

While most couples who choose Bali as the place for their nuptials will stay several days and possibly combine their visit to Bali with a honeymoon Enis and Novel  had only 3 days. So they wanted to pack as much as possible punch into this short period. They therefore chose one of BVLGARI – BALI resorts as the venue for their fantastic wedding and another stunning resort for their reception / dinner.  And everything had to be perfect. In my correspondence with Novel preceding her wedding in Bali she emphasized that in addition to a perfect documentation of the wedding ceremony she also wanted to have an extensive portrait session at BVLGARI – BALI. And also photos on the beach and other typical Bali locations. She therefore entrusted me with creating a schedule for her wedding day that would allow for a phototour , documentation of her wedding and then another photo session on a beach during the magical sunset period.

Shortly before noon we started the photo tour and took photographs at the most stunning locations inside the resort. See some of those photos we took inside BVLGARI – BALI in the following:


Bvlgari international Wedding Photographer Bvlgari international Wedding Photographer Bvlgari international Wedding Photographer Bvlgari international Wedding Photographer Bvlgari international Wedding Photographer Bvlgari international Wedding Photographer Bvlgari international Wedding Photographer


After about an hour, the couple changed dresses and we embarked from BVLGARI – BALI to some spectacular locations outside the resort. The weather was perfect and Novel & Enis were completely relaxed and obviously enjoyed the photo tour as you can see from the following photos:



We had a quick lunch in-between and then the couple retired to their room at BVLGARI – BALI  to get ready for the ceremony.

Novel was accompanied by her father when she walked towards the altar that looked as if suspended in-between the sea and the heave above. What a spectacular sight !



After the group and family photographs were completed we left for another photo session on Jimbaran beach were we were treated to a perfect sunset.



The guests meanwhile arrived at the dinner venue and they were shortly after joined by Novel and Enis. I left once the dinner commenced.



What a BVLGARI – BALI wedding.

I wish Novel and Enis all the best and I hope to see you again soon for the baby photos…

For those seeking to have a wedding in Bali we recommend you check out the Bali wedding blog of THE SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS, where you can get a lot of useful independent advice on all things Bali Wedding.


Yours truly – DOMINIK


Update – this is what Novel (the bride)  had to say when she received the photographs:


Hi Dominik,


I get my CD today, I love it very much!!


All my friends said you are very professional…….I am so lucky to choose you as my wedding photographer.


That’s not enough no matter how many times to say, but need to say one more time….”THANK YOU”


Dominik….YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!


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