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Indian Wedding in Bali


I am very proud that my team and I were chosen as the wedding photographers for this magnificent Indian wedding in Bali. It was an event of superlatives – at least for me. Over the course of 3 days close to 6000 photographs were taken and we were working from 8 in the morning until close to midnight. Exhausting but gratifying.

Like for most Indian weddings there were several events taking place in different locations. It would go beyond the scope of this blog to describe all the events in detail. In fact the biggest challenge when preparing this blog entry was to cut the list of photographs down to what can be displayed here – there are simply too many interesting and good photographs.

The first day started off with 2 rather small and intimate blessing ceremonies, first for the bride and then for the groom.  Se the photographs of this part in the following.


Photography at an Indian Wedding in BaliPhotography at an Indian Wedding in BaliPhotography at an Indian Wedding in BaliPhotography at an Indian Wedding in BaliPhotography at an Indian Wedding in BaliPhotography at an Indian Wedding in Bali


Then the bride and some other ladies had their henna painting done.



In the evening the crowd gathered to party – Sangeet as it is called. And Indians know how to party as you can see on the photographs in the following:



The second day started with the bride & her family and friends getting ready in one part of the hotel and the groom & his entourage in another part.



The and arrival and entrance of the groom was truly spectacular with marching drummers band , followed by dancers and finally the groom riding on a white horse.



The groom’s party was greeted by the bride’s family & friends and flower garlands were exchanged.



This was followed by the bride’s arrival. The bride’s arrival coincided with heavy rain starting which was not to spoil the awesome entrance of the bride. Although Karishma was not too pleased as you can see in the following photographs.



What followed was a short ceremony where the bride and the groom were symbolically and literally tied to each other.



Then bride, groom and their parents took seat together with a priest and the actual wedding ceremony was performed.



After the ceremony concluded bride and groom took off for a very brief photo tour. Meanwhile the sun had come back and we had perfect light for this portrait session.



The reception in the evening was all party again – of course including speeches, dinner and cake cutting. Close to midnight I left exhausted but very satisfied because I knew I had captured another magnificent wedding in Bali.



The wedding was organized by Jameela and her team. They did a marvelous job of pulling this all together.

Makeup & hair styling was provided by Bali’s leading makeup & hair styling agency.

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