Most people will think to do pre-wedding photography in Bali on a rainy day is a big misfortune. Well, think again and see the photographs below. Of course it all depends on your photographer because on a rainy day many photos which would be possible on a sunny day cannot be done during rain because the light is very different.  Improvisation is mandatory and different skills and techniques are required.

Fortunately we had only light rain showers on the afternoon when I did the pre-wedding photographs for Grace and Li. Grace and Li were easy to work with once I convinced them that the weather will not be a problem for great photographs.

Well, enough said: without any further ado here are the photos from that half-day photo tour:



The makeup & hair styling was provided by BALI MAKEUP & HAIR – simply the best in Bali and a partner we have been relying on for 7 years.


Truly’ – Dominik



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