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A very wet pre-wedding photo shoot in Bali

Sergey & Daria While most couples wanting to have beautiful and scenic pre-wedding photographs taken in Bali would probably despair if on the day of the shoot is it is raining Sergey and Daria had a very relaxed attitude. Rightly so… Daria called me in the morning and re-confirmed that she would like to go […]

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Candid Wedding Photojournalism at Ritual Chapel

Daniel & Kathryn Daniel already booked my services almost one year in advance to be the wedding photographer for his wedding at the Ritual chapel in Bali. He emphasized the importance of having his nuptials to be documented in true wedding photo journalism style. Having seen my previous work he concluded that I may be […]

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Bali Pre Wedding Photos of a different kind

This pre wedding photography session is my personal favorite of all pre-wedd shoots in Bali I did during 2011. These two ladies, who were from South China, came to Bali for a pre-wedding shoot but without their fiancés. I knew Chinese to be very practical people but Sonya and Jo brought pragmatism to a new […]

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