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Press Release: On 14th March 2012 it was announced that DOMINIK, Bali’s leading wedding photographer was awarded the 1st place in the international, highly prestigious wedding photography contest as held by the ARTISTIC GUILD OF WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION. An international association, based in the USA, with members from over 40 countries that grants membership only to the most outstanding wedding photojournalists world-wide. DOMINIK is one of only 4 photographers in Bali / Indonesia who have been admitted into this distinguished association and by winning this 1st place he is now the highest ranking photographer in Bali and in Indonesia.

Please note that already during 2011 photographs of DOMINIK have been awarded 2nd, and 4th place.

For more information please visit the website of the ARTISTIC GUILD OF WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION

DOMINIK’s photograph impressed the jury of this hotly contested award and they commented: The composition of this image works perfectly with the statuesque actors…even the setting, with the linear planks of wood forming the dock. The colors are vibrant without stealing the scene and add just enough impact to create an overall image that stands alone.

Already last year Dominik’s photographs were awarded 2nd and 4thplace by the same association. Pls see those photographs in the following:



These major awards reaffirm Dominik’s position as Bali’s leading wedding photojournalist.

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