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As a fine-art wedding photo journalist in Bali I am very fortunate to work in some extremely beautiful environments and locations on this magical island. The wedding of Sherina & Jeff brought me to a super-lush tropical jewel of a villa, tucked away in a steep valley in Tabanan district South Bali. Due to its unique location in a steep valley it feel s like a villa in Ubud, but it is actually no more than 15 minutes drive from a beach and some stunning landscapes where Sherina & Jeff went to do their after-ceremony portrait session, which yielded s one of my all time favorite photographs.  Therefore allow me to reverse the order of presentation of the photographs of this lovely  Australian couple and start with the photographs that were taken in between ceremony and reception.



Now back to the wedding:  While the bride was already in the midst of her makeup & hair preparations Jeff and his mates were still chilling in the villa’s pool and the wedding organizers and the caterers were putting on the last touches to the venue where the ceremony and the reception were to take place.



Sherina’s entrance was picturesquely framed by two traditional Balinese flower girls who led her towards the isle where the groom and the priest were awaiting her. The ceremony had some very emotional moments but also it was very apparent that the couple enjoyed the proceedings.



What followed were the obligatory family and friend group photos. Shortly after we embarked on our phototour from which we returned a bit after sunset. Meanwhile the ceremony venue had been transformed into a spectacular reception venue under beautiful white lampions.

The couple, their families and friends celebrated the evening in style as you can see from the following photographs.



I  truly enjoyed working on this fabulous wedding and I wish Sherina and Jeff all the best and hopefully see them soon for some baby photographs…

In the following please see also the fantastic High Definition VIDEO that was created by Bali’s best video company: BALI INTERNATIONAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONS.



Truly’ – Dominik


UPDATE – I received the following from Sherina & Jeff:

From: sherina biarinec <>


Sent: Saturday, May 5, 2012 12:08 PM

Subject: RE: your album

Hi Dominik,

We are so happy with both the albums and the video.

The service you have provided has been great and your efforts and time has been greatly appreciated as the product is just absolutely amazing and some of the photos are breathtaking. We have only had positive comments on the albums, many people telling me to put the photos in some Australian bridal magazines. The work you have put into it has not gone unnoticed.
You were great on the day of our wedding and we are so happy we chose you for our photographer.

The video was just remarkable. We did only get the video as a ‘nice thing to have’ but while watching the video we could not close out mouths in awe as we were just so happy with how it has been done. It’s actually a beautiful thing to have as it has helped us to relive the day as the day went so quickly! Very, very happy with the purchase, and many of our friends who couldn’t make it to our wedding in Bali absolutely love the video.

Again we thank you so kindly for all your help and services and we would definately recommend you to any of our friends who decide to get married in Bali.

The albums and video are something we will treasure forever.

Thanks and we wish you the very best in your amazing talent and career.Sherina and Jeff


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