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Photo Portraits of Joy in Bali

I’ve got a riddle for you ! What is this: It’s not wedding photography, it’s not pre-wedding photography, it’s not honeymoon photography and also not family photography.  But it feels and looks pretty much the same as the above ? It’s a wedding anniversary photo shoot… J.Thomas is true gentleman of the old league. He […]

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Wedding Photography at Maya Ubud Bali

The Wedding of Kellie and Wael at Maya Ubud Bali As a wedding photographer in Bali I do my fair share of travelling around the island. Ubud is one of my favorite destinations. That is, because Ubud weddings tend to have a special ‘flair & flavor”. Up in Ubud Bali is very lush and green. […]

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Amit Sharma - June 27, 2012 - 8:04 pm

Love is Beautiful!! Really liked the Pictures

Amit Sharma

Photographer at Indian Institute of Photography

Rain wedding photography in Bali

It took 7 long years in my career as a wedding photographer in Bali to finally have my first ‘full-on’ rain wedding. While I photographed a few weddings in the past that had rain during certain periods of the wedding day I never had a wedding where there was rain from start till end without […]

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