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I’ve got a riddle for you ! What is this: It’s not wedding photography, it’s not pre-wedding photography, it’s not honeymoon photography and also not family photography.  But it feels and looks pretty much the same as the above ? It’s a wedding anniversary photo shoot…

J.Thomas is true gentleman of the old league. He knows how to treat a lady… In his case his beloved wife Lani. On the occasion of their 7th wedding anniversary he wanted to have honeymoon style holiday and also as part of this joyous occasion a photo shoot.

I immediately connected very well with the both of them and from then on it was all fun and gorgeous photography. The light and the weather conditions were also perfect. Add to this extremely low tide at our ‘sunset location’, which beautifully exposed the rock and stone formations at this beach and what we got were some of my all-time-favorite couple photographs. And here they come without any further ado:



The makeup & hair styling was beautifully done by Bali’s best stylists from BALI MAKEUP & HAIR.


Truly’ Dominik



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