Bali award winning photographer


It took 7 long years in my career as a wedding photographer in Bali to finally have my first ‘full-on’ rain wedding. While I photographed a few weddings in the past that had rain during certain periods of the wedding day I never had a wedding where there was rain from start till end without interruption.  And rest assured, days with so much rain are actually very rare in Bali, even during the rainy season.

Fortunately everybody was well prepared for these adverse weather conditions and while the couple and their families were certainly not pleased with the prevailing conditions it actually all went very well on that day.

In anticipation of bad weather it was decided a few days before the wedding to rent a large marquee and thanks to this foresight the nuptials could go ahead as planned. So did the reception dinner.

I personally love photographic challenges and this one was indeed challenging. You valued reader, you’ll be my judge as to whether I mastered that challenge.


Bali Award winning photographer


This was also the first time that I had the pleasure of working with the wedding organizers from Amethyst Bali  who did a marvelous job which is even more impressive considering the conditions they had to deal with.

The bride, her mother and the bride’s maids all had their hair & makeup done by Bali’s best team of makeup artists and hair stylist: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR


Bali award winning wedding photographer


And in the following you may also watch the HIGH DEFINITION Wedding video which my friends from BALI VIDEO PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL have created:



If you also want to have wedding in one of Bali’s many stunning villas we recommend you check out the blog of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS, which has tones of independent advice how to realize your dream wedding in Bali and top vendors to pull it all off.


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