Beach Wedding in Bali


As a professional wedding photographer in Bali I have the tremendous pleasure to meet people from all walks of life. Emily and Sam were special, very special indeed. First of all they were proly the youngest couple, whose wedding I ever photographed. And I applaud them that in this day and age they had the courage to commit to each other so early on in life. And their strong commitment for each other became apparent on many occasions during the time I spent with these two fantastic people.

Emily was also very brave in that sense that she arranged the whole wedding and all that came with it more or less by herself, via email from back home. And last but not least I applaud Emily for her courage to take the plunge into the water and to trash her dress… More about this further down in the blog post.

So without any further ado here come the photographs of this beautiful , emotionally laden wedding:



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Truly’ – Dominik



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