Bali Beach Wedding


First of all: THANK YOU Tamara & Mike for choosing me as your wedding photographer in Bali and for allowing me to share your most cherished moments on my blog here.

Tamara already contacted me many months ago and I am particularly proud that she had set her eyes on me as her photographer even before she had a venue , a wedding planner or anything else chosen. Tamara was very specific that stunning beach with blue ocean and void of crowds would be the setting she and Mike wanted to get married at.

Beach weddings in Bali  (please click on the link to learn more about beach weddings in Bali) can be challenging. You can book your wedding at this fabulous beach location right here.

But fortunately Tamara found the perfect location. I have never seen any better beach than this in Bali. And the following photographs a perfect testimony for this.



Before the wedding Mike & Tamara had a few photographs taken at the resort they were staying in. Pls. see the following:



And after the wedding we took off for more photography on some other spectacular locations in Bali. In the following please see some examples of that part of the day:



In the evening we parted ways and Mike & Tamara had a very private dinner…

The makeup & hair was done by Bali’s Best: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR and their stylist stayed with us throughout the whole day to ensure Tamara’s perfect looks…

I may also mention that Tamara found a lot of precious advise that influenced many of her decisions on the Bali Wedding Blog presented by THE SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS – which I can recommend to those who seek independent advice on all things Bali Wedding…

And, as always please feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions about this wedding and the vendors involved to make it all happen.


Truly’ – Dominik



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