Doing the photography in Bali for Dave and Wendy’s wedding was an enlightening and rewarding experience. I had met this lovely couple for the first time a few days prior to their big day for a pre-wedding meeting where we discussed the schedule of the day , their preferences in terms of photography and other aspects. And I immediately connected very well with the both of them. They advised that they would love to have artistic Wedding Photography in Bali.

On the day there were dark clouds hanging in the sky and it looked as if it could rain any moment. But neither the bride nor the groom seemed to be nervous in any way about this and in the end it remained cloudy but without a single drop of rain. We even got some spectacular cloud formations during the sunset period when we did a brief portrait session on the beach.

Their wedding took place in a stunning private villa complex, directly at the shore north of Canggu. Wendy, the bride got ready in a spacious master bed room of one villa. She was accompanied by her bride’s maids and her lovely mother. The mood was very relaxed and the ladies been giggling a lot while sipping champagne. At some stage Wendy’s father joined and put on the veil. He remained on Wendy’s side until the moment when he surrendered her to the Dave at the altar.  I had the impression that Wendy very much enjoyed being accompanied by her lovely parents.

Dave and the groom’s men got ready in the other villa’s master bed room overlooking the venue where the ceremony was to take place. For them I suppose it was a blessing in disguise that the weather was more on the cool side because they were all very elegantly dressed and would proly have ‘melted’ if it would have been a sunny, hot afternoon.

Meanwhile the guests started to arrive and they were obviously quite impressed by this stunning and beautifully decorated venue. I could go on telling you how it all proceeded but I think I rather leave you with the defining images of this fabulous, elegant, yet relaxed Bali wedding. Decide for yourself if I have met the objective of Dave & Wendy to have: Artistic Wedding Photography in Bali.



Truly’ – Dominik



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