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As a wedding photographer in Bali I have the pleasure to meet people from all across the globe. Corne & Gary were a primer for me as they came all the way from South Africa and they were my first clients from that part of the world.

They instantly fell in love with Bali when they visited this enchanting island a few years ago and Corne was firm that this is where she wanted to get married. Bali ? Not quite.  To be precise they got married on a much smaller island, which is a 30 minutes boat ride from Bali. Their wedding took place in a small resort, high up on a cliff offering a grandiose view over the Balinese sea and Bali island.

So, without any further ado I want to present you the photographic highlights of this spectacular event:



2 days after the wedding Corne & Gary sent me the following, which I love and would like to share with you:

Hi Dominik

We just wanted to say thank you for being our photographer! You were truly such a beautiful part of our wedding, we loved having you there!!!

We are very excited about the photos!! Everyone was giving you so many compliments and they haven’t even seen one picture yet!:) 

Corné and Gary


Truly’ – Dominik



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