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Joanne had selected me as her Bali Mandira wedding photographer in Bali because she loved the wedding photographs I had taken a year before for a good friend of hers who also got married at the Bali Mandira.  Therefore she made her booking already many, many months ago to ensure that I will be available to photograph her wedding day.

Joanne and her bride’s maid got ready in a suite of the resort whereas the groom and his groom’s men were mingling with the waiting guests. The venue was spectacularly decorated and yellow was Joanna’s color of choice.  Joanna, preceded by her brother and sister made a spectacular entrance. She walked down the aisle with her fathers, who surrendered her to the groom. The ceremony was casual , short and went without a hitch. It was apparent that the couple very much enjoyed the proceedings. In the following please enjoy what I, as their Bali Mandira wedding photographer have captured for this lovely couple:



After the family and group photographs were taken the couple and the bridal party departed for a portrait session in and around the venue.  And we had some beautiful sunset photos taken at the beach nearby.



The evening started with a surprise whereby the groom’s brothers performed a traditional Hakka dance, much to the delight of the guests.

Joanna and Jo had chosen not to have a sitting dinner but rather have canapés and finger-food served which contributed for a very informal and relaxed setting for the evening. One of my personal highlights of this evening was when the entire groom’s family performed a few songs up on the stage.

Of course there was also the obligatory cutting of the cake and also a first dance.



A truly magnificent wedding! Thank you Jo and Joanna for letting me be part of it.

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