Being the wedding photographer for the nuptials of Daniela and Dominik was very special for me in several ways. Firstly because it was for the first time in my career as a wedding photographer that I had the pleasure to work for clients from my own home country Austria. Due to the relative small size of Austria it is rare for my fellow compatriots to get married in Bali.

Secondly the groom was the first client who happens to have the same name as me… And last but not least because they choose North Bali as their wedding destination, which is one of my favorites.

The ceremony of Daniela & Dominik was an intimate and relaxed affair which they celebrate with their parents and some friends they hold very dearly to their hearts. What added to the visual appeal of this fabulous wedding was that all the guests were wearing white.  The wedding was set in a private villa overlooking the North Bali Sea.



After the ceremony concluded and the family photographs were taken my favorite part began. This is because I love to photograph up in North Bali which has a distinctively different landscape and vegetation from the lush South. Rather than describing this landscape I leave you, dear reader with the impressions of the photo shoot.



The evening reception that followed was equally intimate and relaxed on the terrace of the villa where the wedding took place.



It was a truly enjoyable wedding and I am very grateful to you Daniela and Dominik.

Makeup & Hair for the bride, the moms and the bride’s maid was done by BALI MAKEUP & HAIR.


Truly’ – Dominik



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