For me this gotta be the most distinguished Bali pre-wedding photography shoot in Bali so far. That is because of all the animals involved in this photo shoot. Bali Pre wedding photography with horses was planned and I absolutely love those images of the couple ridding along the beach… but all the other animals were more or less coincidence. I love the fact that I warned the bride that the geese will attack when she approaches them and she just replied: “So what…” and she simply defied their attack and she somehow seemed to have convinced the geese that she poses no threat to them. By the way: no animals were hurt in any way during this photoshoot. 🙂

Bali Pre wedding photography with horses is becoming very popular for couple who want to have something beyond the conventional pre wedding photographs. If you also consider to have something more for your pre wedding photography in Bali please let me know and I am happy to give you my suggestions.

I really had a great time with this lovely couple from the ‘fragrant harbor’ city…  So without any further ado here are images of Bali Pre wedding photography with horses and more…



Makeup & hair-styling as usual by Bali’s best: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR. Visit the following link to learn more about Dominik as a Bali pre wedding photographer.


Truly’ Dominik



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