Two weddings in one…

Doing the wedding photography for this lovely couple from Jakarta felt as if I did two weddings at once. This was because they had a Buddhist wedding ceremony in the morning and another Balinese blessing ceremony at a different location in the afternoon. This wedding was a feast for the eye and for photography as well. Both the Buddhist ceremony, as well as the Balinese ceremony had some many beautiful details and décor elements that virtually everywhere I pointed my camera something beautiful was to be captured. This is certainly also due to the fantastic locations where this event took place and I predict that this complex of newly launched cliff-top villas overlooking the Bali sea will fast become a very popular wedding venue in Bali.

The ceremony was quite intimate as the couple had only 4 guests with them.  I also loved the fact that one ceremony was held in the morning and one in the late afternoon which provided for a very relaxed schedule of events which in turn allowed the couple to truly enjoy the day.

Because the couple had asked me not to publish to many photographs of them therefore I will mainly show you this fantastic venue and all the beautiful elements that made this wedding so visually appealing.



Should you dear reader also be interested to hold your nuptials in this regal setting please feel free to drop me a line and I shall put you in touch with a wedding coordinator who can make this happen for you.

And make sure to check out the blog of THE SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS for independent advise on all things Bali weddings.


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