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Flowers & Ink

Photographing the Bali wedding of Sonya & Chris in Bali was fun and a rewarding experience. I particularly liked the visual contrast between Chris’ ink and Sonya’s white dress with the flowers…

This lovely couple who came with 4 children in tow had their nuptials in a resort in Tuban.  They choose a spectacular location overlooking the beach and the late afternoon sun created a warm atmosphere with glowing golden hues. It was a very relaxed and casual wedding.

Once the nuptials concluded we embarked on a portrait photo session which also included the couple’s children and was also a family photography session. Part of it we did within the resort’s grounds and the remainder on the adjacent beach.

My photography services concluded after the couple cut the cake and took seat at the dinner table. In the following I may present my personal favorites of this fabulous wedding.



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