Karina’s objective regarding photographs of her Bali chapel wedding was clear: she wanted the best wedding photographer in Bali. And she in the end booked me after seeing the photo album of one of her best friend’s  wedding which I photographed last year. In her initial email to me Karina wrote: “ Jamie and I were so impressed with your quality of workmanship we agree you are the perfect candidate for our own wedding. 

Jamie, Karina and her parent’s  came to Bali back in May to finalize all the arrangements for their Bali chapel wedding and we met to discuss the photography part of the wedding. It was very helpful that we had that meeting; not only to get acquainted but also to discuss a few details of the schedule and related things to ensure that all was set to get the best possible photographs.

And on the day all went smooth like a clock work. Karina had set the time of her ceremony in such a way that it allowed for a comprehensive group photo session with her family and friends and subsequently a portrait session with the bridal party on the beach and the hote’s grounds.  For me this was the most fun part because Karina, Jamie and the bridal party were very nice people to work with  – not only did I enjoy taking photographs with them but I also enjoyed their company.

At sunset the couple retired to their room to relax and refresh for a moment, while guests were seated to await the newlyweds’ entrance.  Jamie & Karina cut the cake right away and it looked awesome against the sunset sky and the beautiful chapel in the background.

The evening was fun , speeches, food, drinks, etc… All-in-all a rather relaxed, informal reception. But the highlight of the evening was when during the first dance a grandiose firework went off behind the chapel providing an awesome backdrop to this highly emotional moment.

You, dear reader may be tired by now reading my story – so therefore without any further ado here are the photographs of this fantastic Bali chapel wedding.



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Truly’ – Dominik



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