Until now I have almost exclusively published only wedding and pre-wedding photographs from Bali on this blog. However many people have indicated that they would not mind at all to also see non-wedding related photographs that I have taken Bali. And since Bali is so full of opportunities to capture beautiful and engaging photographs I have decided to start publishing some of my non assignment work. And here comes the first one.

During the last week of August Bali was celebrating Galungan.  It would go beyond the scope of this blog to explain exactly what Galungan means to the Balinese but in terms of importance among the countless festivities and ceremonies held in Bali, Galungan equals to Christmas for Christians or Idul Fitri for those of Muslim faith. It is one of the most joyous occasions for the Balinese people and the week leading up to Galungan is full with ceremonies everywhere.

I had the rare privilege to take part in some of those festivities and to be embedded as a photographer with a ‘full access’ pass. In the following I would like to present you some of my favorite images that I was fortunate to capture:



The gentleman (Manny)  in the photo above was obviously pretty awed being among all those lovely Balinese flower girls…  I am glad that I was joined on that day by world famous photographer Manny Librodo and a few of his friends.



And I would really love to have some feedback on this. Do you, dear reader, mind me displaying such photographs on a wedding photo blog or do you enjoy it ? Leave us a comment, will ya…  Thanks.


Truly – Dominik



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