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Bali Wedding Photography – as good as it gets, at least for me as the photographer  😎 .  I was really looking forward to this wedding because not often do I have the opportunity to be part of such a grandiose event. I met Anisa and Nurdi a few months before the wedding when they visited Bali to prepare all the things for their wedding. We ended up talking for a few hours because  their chosen wedding planner tried a standard wedding schedule to this event which turned out to be impractical. So I helped the couple to come up with a more realistic schedule that could accommodate all the various parts of their wedding day and still feel relaxed.

The day started rather early in the morning when the couple got ready for the first event of the day: the Tea ceremony. This is when the couple as a token of respect to their family offers tea to them and in return small (or not so small) gifts in return.  Because of their rather large family this event took over one hour, after which lunch was served. After lunch and a short break the obligatory group and family photographs were taken.  During mid afternoon the couple and the bridal party embarked on a photo session on the beach in front of the villa.  And although we remained in one location only the photographs turned out very well.  I tried to capture them as natural as I could with very little directions. I feel the photographs from this part of the day not only show the deep affection of the Anisa and Nurdi, but also have a very relaxed and fun-feel.

It was rather hot – so Nurdi, who meanwhile was soaked, very much enjoyed the break that than took place where the both got ready for the main event: their nuptials.  The ceremony was held during the golden hour of the day – very late afternoon. I usually do not recommend to have a ceremony that late because it does not allow for either family portraits or a photosession afterwards. But in this wedding that was not a factor because both the family /  friends photos , as well as the portrait session were already done. Consequently the photographs of the ceremony are among my all-time favorites because of the super soft light that the last hour of the day provides.

After the ceremony concluded Nurdi and Anisa  had a very relaxed time when they were mingling with the guests, while the reception venue was prepared for the reception.

I want to point out that both, the groom’s , as well as the bride’s families are people have music in their blood. Consequently Anisa’s parents took over the stage and performed on or two songs. But the actual ‘musical highlight’ of the day was when the groom himself took to the stage for a short performance – specially dedicated for this wife – which, as you can imagine provided for some highly emotional and beautiful moments.

Apart from those performances there were of course speeches, cake cutting, champagne pouring and lots of delicious food.

All-in-all it was a truly magnificent event and I leave you now with my favorite impressions of this wedding:



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