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Nowadays couples often book their wedding photographer in Bali quite late or do not bother at all and just go with the one provided as part of the package. But Tash & Trent were different and not only in this regard. Tash had a very good idea of what she wanted for her wedding. And because the Padma hotel where they got married had a very ‘stock standard’ attitude to their wedding packages Tash and I discussed many aspects that would actually have no connection to my work as her photographer. But of course having been on over 400 Bali weddings I was very glad to provide any advise and help I could. And in the end it all turned out very well with their Bali Padma wedding.

Tash, and her lovely bride’s maids had their makeup done in one part of the Presidential suite villa and the groom and his groom’s men were in another part, while the venue was prepared.  The makeup and hair styling was done by BALI MAKEUP & HAIR – who did a brilliant job on all the ladies.

Tash’s brother was a busy man during that wedding as he not only walked the bride to the altar but also Cruiz the son of Trent & Tash.  The nuptials were performed by Bali’s one and only female priest. This was much to Tash’s delight as she told me she wanted someone out-of-the-ordinary to administer her wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony conclude and the obligatory family & friends photographs were taken we embarked on a short photo tour with the couple, their son, their nieces and the bridal party around the property and for sunset on the beach.

The couple then retired for some time to relax and chill out before making an entrance into the nicely prepared reception venue.

The atmosphere of the evening was very relaxed and in the following I leave you with some impressions of this fantastic Bali Padma wedding.



I am glad that I have been part of this Bali Padma wedding and wish Lee & Kelly all the best. If you, dear reader would like to see more photographs that I have done at the Bali Padma please see: Bali Padma Wedding of Lee & Kelly.

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