Belinda wanted to have a lush, tropical setting for her nuptials and also a wedding photographer who could capture all this in a natural, journalistic style.  She wisely choose one of Ubdu’s most spectacular resorts: MAYA UBUD. This also happens to be my personal favorite resort in that part of Bali.

As always the folks from Maya had done a fabulous job in setting up the venue. Combined with the natural beauty of the surroundings it provided a regal backdrop and a fabulous setting for photographing the ceremony.  Once the ceremony concluded the couple celebrated their wedding in style with champagne. Not long after it was time for a few family and group photographs. And then the ‘fun part’ (in terms of photography) started whereby the bridal party embarked on a portrait session around Maya’s vast and super photogenic grounds.

The bridal party and the newlyweds looked absolutely stunning when they walked down the stairs and into the reception venue. And again kudos to the Maya folks – the table setup was fabulous and in particular those metal plates were truly awesome.

One thing that I found remarkable is: I never had a couple before that laughed so much throughout the day. And that warm laughter was an expression of those two’s genuine happiness and joy.  It was true pleasure observing Belinda and Straff and being part of that joyous occasion. And on that note I leave you with my favorite Ubud Wedding photographs of this fantastic event:



Belinda, Straff thank you very much of letting me capture this beautiful Ubud Wedding Photographs.

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