Bali Villa Wedding photographs


I am very excited to present you the spectacular wedding video of Jeff & Mel – done together with the team of BALI VIDEO PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL:



As a Bali Wedding photographer I see a lot of truly awesome venues. And the Bali villa wedding where Jeff & Mel’s nuptials took place is definitely among my all time favorites. I love it because as per my knowledge this villa has the longest beach front view of any villa in Bali – at least 250, approximately 300 meters of beach front onto a completely deserted beach. Can it get any better this? But not only the venue was amazing – the entire wedding was just awesome.

Fortunately the bride, with whom I have been conversing quite intensively prior to the wedding heeded my advise to have her ceremony rather early which provide for excellent lighting conditions during the ceremony and left plenty of time for a portrait session afterwards.

I feel that for this awesome wedding I do not need to write much and rather let the pictures speak instead:



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