Bali Catholic Church Wedding


What I liked most about being the Bali Wedding photographer for this magnificent wedding is that I had the rare opportunity to photograph a Bali catholic church wedding. Paul & Becky had to get married in this church because they were of Roman Catholic faith and the Roman Catholic Church is the only faith that requires its followers to get married in one of their churches. You can read more about this at: Catholic Weddings in Bali .

As a Bali Wedding Photographer I work most of the time at outdoor weddings or in one of the purpose-built, commercial Bali wedding chapels. But those chapels are no match for a real large church and the sacred atmosphere such a Bali church wedding provides.

The ceremony started at noon when Becky the fabulous bride was accompanied by her mother as she walked through the church and down the long isle. There a short introduction ceremony was held first which was attended by the parents. Paul then walked his bride up onto the altar where the main part of the proceedings took place.  I leave you now with impressions of this spectacular church wedding in Bali.



The reception of this wedding was held at a villa at the hotel Ayana. Paul and Becky arrived there already in the afternoon which also gave us time to do a portrait session on the grounds of the hotel. We concluded this session with photographs during sunset.

The couple then retired to refresh and shortly after nightfall they made a spectacular entrance under the cheering applause of their guests into beautifully decorated reception venue. Since November is considered rain season in Bali a huge marquee was set up. And I have to say that among all the marquees I have seen being set up at weddings in Bali this was by far the best decorated one. Kudos to the hotel Ayana for this beautifully decorated reception venue.

What followed was a very relaxed and cheerful dinner with the obligatory speeches and cake cutting. After the formalities concluded the crowd hit the dance floor and danced away into the night.



Paul, Becky than you so much for choosing me as your Bali Wedding photographer. I truly enjoyed being part of this magnificent wedding and I wish you both all the best . Hopefully I see you soon again for family and children photography in Bali.


Truly’ – Dominik



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