Because often it is not possible to have all your friends and family to attend your wedding in Bali it is of high importance to have a good documentation of your big day. Therefore most couples will hire a Bali Wedding photographer. But increasingly couples also want to have a Bali Wedding video. This is the perfect way to share your impressions from your Wedding in Bali with friends and family as it can be put online on a number of websites; or enjoyed in stunning high-definition on your home television.

However your options and choices for a Bali Wedding video are rather limited and the majority of videographers in Bali still create their videos in non-high-definition format with rather boring static, tripod-mounted cameras. Therefore we are very excited to introduce an outstanding Bali wedding video company to you, which can create a cinematographic documentation of your wedding day:


Bali Wedding Video


There, under the management of an international, multiple award-winning cinematographer, a team of experienced wedding videographers creates highly visually engaging wedding documentaries. They use the latest equipment such as DSLR cameras, cranes and other moving camera tools. The resulting Bali Wedding videos have the highly sought-after film look. Modern video-clip like editing techniques and crystal clear sound recording guarantee a highly entertaining Bali Wedding video.  Those videos are of the same standard as a contemporary TV documentary, which you will proudly show to friends and family. Your Bali Wedding video will become a treasured memory of your big day on the ‘island of gods’.

Those guys are Bali’s leading wedding video agency with an impressive portfolio of Bali Wedding Videos. We have a close working relationship with their team and offer you discounts if you book their services together with our services. However we would like to emphasize that they are independent from DOMINIK PHOTOGRAPHY you may book their services independently.

If you decide to have your Bali Wedding also documented through a Bali Wedding video look no further and contact BALI VIDEO PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL for a quote.

In the following I would like to present you with a few Bali Wedding video examples:






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