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Thank you Fauve & Daniel for choosing me as your Wedding photographer at Bali Padma Villa. Fauve had initially booked the services of WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BALI, our sister company. But because we were fully booked there I personally took over the job of photographing this beautiful wedding at Bali Padma hotel. Before the wedding we exchanged a few emails where Fauve outlined me her expectations and desires. And 4 days prior to the wedding we met for the first time in Bali for a meeting to discuss everything in detail. For me it was not for the first time to be a wedding photographer at Bali Padma – in fact I have done countless weddings there in the past. That was certainly an advantage because I therefore very well know the venue and all the gorgeous spots for the portrait session afterwards. My team and I started to work already early in the afternoon documenting also the preparations.  Fauve was one of the most ‘chilled-out’ and relaxed brides I have ever seen. Not a hint of nervousness.  And what a beautiful bride she was. Daniel and the ‘boys’ got ready in another part of the villa. The mood in the boys’ chamber was equally relaxed.  Meanwhile the guests started to arrive.

When Fauve together with her father made her entrance everyone stood in awe. The ceremony was equally relaxed and it was obvious that the two had a lot of fun.  I think an element of fun during a wedding ceremony is an excellent basis to start a live as a married couple. I wish you two will never loose the fun element throughout your marriage.

After the ceremony the newlyweds embarked on a portrait session on the Hotel Padma’s grounds and on the beach, right in front of the hotel. The reception can be best described as informal and relaxed. The couple had the obligatory cake cutting and first dance. But the rest was a cheerful party. With everyone obviously enjoying the evening.

I am very excited to present you the spectacular wedding video of Daniel & Fauve – done by our sister company WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BALI



In the following, I as the Wedding photographer at Bali Padma would like to present you with the photographs of this marvelous event:



The makeup & hair for the bride, the bride’s maids and the mother of the bride was done by Bali’s most reputable makeup artists from BALI MAKEUP & HAIR.

Thank you so much Daniel and Fauve for letting me be the Wedding photographer at Bali Padma for you.

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