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I know I am a bit late for this but then I think it’s never too late for such a Best-of collection. So in the following I would like to present you with my favorite Bali wedding photographs of 2012. A few words about what makes those photos so special for me.  As a Bali wedding photographer I have always prioritized documenting the human element of weddings: the emotions and the interactions among people during a wedding. But over the years I have expanded my quest to also capture the atmosphere and the settings that make weddings in Bali so special. As a Bali wedding photographer I am in the fortunate position to work in some of the word’s must stunning venues. And it is those venues and the vibes that permeate these fabulous Bali weddings that have inspired me greatly.

What I also love is the mix of different people and situations that I encounter through my work as a Bali wedding photographer. Therefore it was no easy task to select only 10 photographs and I changed this selection many times before publishing it here. I hope you will enjoy looking at those photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I very much look forward to the upcoming wedding season of 2013 and continuing my work as a Bali wedding photographer – always on guard to capture those fleeting moments and the defining images that couples will hopefully treasure for a life time.

So without any further ado let me present you my favorite Bali wedding photographs of 2012:



Should this selection of Bali wedding photographs have wetted your taste buds for a Bali wedding and you want to start planning your Bali wedding then head over to the BALI WEDDING BLOG.

Truly’ – Dominik



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