Bali children and family photographs


You may wonder what the following Bali children and family photographs have to do with Bali weddings. You guessed it: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So why am I posting this here?  Firstly because I CAN and secondly because I occasionally also take Bali children and family photographs. But this is not just any children and family photo shoot. This one is personal. Very personal indeed. Why ? Coz the child in those photographs is very dear and very, very special to me.  To my former pre-wedding clients and friends she should be no stranger. In this series of Bali children and family photographs I am documenting the first year in skool of my little daughter. Kika as she is widely known.  Some were taken in the morning before we leave for skool together.  Some on the way to skool. And some during classes and during certain skool activities. I deliberately choose a very ‘dreamy’ & ‘glowy’ look for this Bali children photographs. Like I said those photos are very personal to me and their sole purpose is to capture those innocent and fleeting moments of childhood. It is also a very poignant reminder to myself how important those moments are for a parent. And I hope my wedding and pre-wedding clients will cherish the photos I take for them as much as I cherish the photographs in this series of Bali children and family photographs.


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The makeup & hair styling of Kika was done by ……. NOBODY. She is that beautiful in reality… 😉

And should you, dear reader also want to have photographs of your child and/or your family taken in Bali do not hesitate to contact me. If want to see more of my portrait photography work please click here.

I may also take this opportunity to direct your attention to the work of my associate photographers who may be an ideal choice for your Bali children and family photographs .


Truly’ – Dominik



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