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I have been passing by the villa where this fabulous event was held for many, many years and thought that it should be an awesome venue for Bali villa weddings. But I never got a Bali wedding photography assignment there and assumed that they are not holding weddings there. But it turned out I was wrong and it is indeed a fabulous venue for a beach villa wedding.

I did meet the couple a few days before the wedding to discuss the schedule of the day and their wishes and desire for their wedding photography. They emphasized that a very  photo-journalistic approach is what they were after. In particular the groom made it clear he does not like posed photography. So a candid Bali wedding photographer was what they were after. Well, they found their match in me. Because I am also one of the few Bali wedding photographers who prefer a candid and wedding photojournalism approach.

The light and weather conditions were on our side. The later afternoon provided for a warm and soft light which resulted in very nice wedding photographs. Honoring their wish for a candid Bali wedding photographer I tried to stay on the sidelines as much as I could. A true candid Bali wedding photographer should be almost invisible during the ceremony. I hope I got close to that.

Fortunately we still had about one hour of excellent light after the group and family photographs were completed. That allowed for some stunning sunset photographs on the beach, right in front of the villa. And during the last 10 minutes we a super sunset…  please see for yourself in the following:


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I hope that the couple was happy with their candid Bali wedding photographer and that they like their Bali wedding photographs.

The styling of the bride and the bride’s maids was done by BALI MAKEUP & HAIR.

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