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Helen, the bride is herself involved in the creative industries and is used to working with photographers and telling them what she wants.  Fortunately she did not tell me that until the wedding day… as it would have ‘scared me a bit’… What Helen was very clear about from the outset though is that she wanted the best wedding photographer in Bali.  Huh, excuse me, what me – best wedding photographer in Bali ? I am not sure whether it is justified for me to earn the title the best wedding photographer in Bali’ – but she thought I am and booked me. So obviously a bride with very high expectations… I was a bit nervous but all that nervousness vanished once I got acquainted with Helen and Christian. I met them a few days before the wedding and we discussed the schedule of the day and how it relates to photography. We inspected the locations where the various parts of this fabulous wedding were to take part and discussed positioning and other aspects. Helen and Christian had booked an entire villa complex with several super luxurious villas. If I am not wrong more or less everyone who attended their wedding was staying in one of those marvelous villas. So not only could they spend the wedding day among their family and best friends, but also have several days together with everyone… Now that is what I call an ideal wedding in Bali. But I am digressing here…

The day was rather overcastted, which was a blessing in disguise because the light turned out to be super soft and ideal for photography. It was also quite hot and the groom and the best men were suffering a bit from the heat… The actual ceremony was held in the lush tropical gardens of one villa, whereas the reception dinner was held in another spectacular villa. In between ceremony and reception the newlyweds and their bridal party had a portrait photo session. That part was very relaxed and full of fun as you can see in the resulting photographs.  I then covered also the first 30 minutes of the reception dinner.


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Now I need to remark at this point that Helen was very particular that she loved my fine-art edits. So in the following you may see more than the usual amount of rather heavily edited photographs. I am glad that Helen had requested that because I very much enjoy to ad to photographs by means of post production. A process that I enjoy as much as I enjoy the actual photography.  Whether I am the best Bali wedding photographer or not is something yet to be decided. For me it is much more important that Helen is the happiest bride when she receives the photographs.  And, which hopefully she and her husband will cherish for many years to come.

Helen, Christian  – THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It was a delight working with you…


Truly’ – Dominik


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