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Already from my correspondence with Helen prior to their Bali pre wedding photo shoot it became clear that she was a woman of style and she knew what she wanted. I am always a bit nervous with such pre wedding photography clients, as I sometimes fear I may not be able to fulfill their high expectations… But I instantly felt at ease when I for the first time met Helen and her fiancé Kai. Nice, warm and outgoing people.  To my surprise Kai spoke the same mother tongue as me and we all connected very well from the outset.

Helen’s style already became most apparent when she came down from the makeup room with her super-gorgeous, black-grey dress. And she continued to show her style with the other dresses which she brought. Helen, I loved the Chinese one, especially because it was NOT red like 95% of the other Chinese dresses I encounter during Bali pre wedding photo shoots.  Helen, if you ever need a job as a dressing consultant in Bali pls let me know…. 😉

The whole Bali pre wedding photo shoot went very smooth and very relaxed. The weather conditions were perfect and so was the light. We visited some stunning locations ranging from wide empty beaches to romantic forests. But the crowning part of this Bali pre wedding photo shoot was a fabulous sunset. So without any further ado here are the Bali pre wedding photos of Helen & Kai:


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Helen, Kay it was a great pleasure working with you during this Bali pre wedding photo shoot.  And I look forward to seeing you in Singapore soon.

All the best and thank you very much


Truly’ – Dominik


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