This wedding was beautifully planned and arranged by Grace from BALI HAPPY EVENTS

It was a great honour and a pleasure as well to be chosen as the wedding photojournalist for this lovely couple from the Lion city. I had met them already 5,6 months before the wedding, when they visited Bali to make arrangements for their wedding.  Patricia’s and Leo’s main request was to have their wedding day in Bali documented in wedding photojournalism style. Natural & candid. Since this is exactly what I do I had no problems meeting their objective.  And they were also please that they had found their wedding photojournalist.

We met again 3 days before their wedding and during that very meeting it was raining heavily. Very uncommon for this time of the year, but the whole May was full with rain. A sign of things to come ?

Leo is a very brave man ! Why ? Because, in spite of a very high likelihood of rain on their wedding day he decided that all it would take is a rain stopper and they would be safe from rain. Quite a gamble I have to say considering that they had in excess of 100 guests – all fully exposed to the elements. But guess what : Leo & Patricia won !! Their gamble paid off… 2 -3 times during the afternoon there were a few rain drops but the rain-stopper was able to fend off the rain until past 21.00h. That was when a fantastic firework went off and shortly after it started to rain… I was teasing the rain stopper and asked him if he lost his powers. But he confidently replied to me that the fireworks had made a hole into his rain defense system… But even that rain was not to spoil the party. Guests took shelter at the villa’s terrace. And after about 30 minutes the rain stopped again and the party continued. In the following please find a selection of what I witnessed as the wedding photojournalist for Leo & Patricia:



And in the following please see also the VIDEO of this fantastic wedding:



Patricia, Leo thank you so much for letting me be your wedding photojournalist and document this fabulous event. I look forward to seeing you in a few years for a family photography session in Bali…   Truly’ – Dominik P.S.: If your dear reader would also like to have a wedding in Bali check out the BALI WEDDING BLOG where you can learn everything about weddings in Bali. Or if you are interested in having a villa wedding in Bali please click here.


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