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Usually it is me who is supposed to be the creative one in the photography equation. But for this one the bride was also a fountain of creativity and ideas. Some of which appeared a bit challenging at first…    But it all turned out very, very well in the end and I am totally in love with the resulting family photos and the challenges Michelle threw at me.  You may ask why I talk about a bride and then about family photos.  Well, in actuality this was a vow renewal for the couple. But Michelle wanted this also to be a family photo shoot.  In the end, both the vow renewal and the family photos, turned out to be rather unconventional, but extremely gratifying for me and hopefully for this lovely family as well.

It all started with a rejection. Michelle inquired pretty late, only 6-8 weeks prior to her coming to Bali and I initially turned down her inquiry because we were already completely flat out for June and July and I was longing for some quality time with my own family rather than accepting another  assignment for  family photos . But, to cut a long story short, Michelle is a very insisting woman and knows how to get what she wants. So in the end I agreed to accept this assignment.  And I am very glad I did.

Due to time constraints and an overly full calendar I could meet Michelle only a couple of  hours before the wedding. And when she told me that she is going to do her vows on a boat I was very skeptical and worried what to make of this. Will I have to swim to take photos ? Will I need to be on another boat ? Will I need to use a very long zoom lens to shoot this from ashore ? Or is this gonna end in a complete photographic disaster? In the end I just got wet up to my knees, which I am perfectly fine with, and it all turned out wonderful. I don’t think I need to explain how it all worked out  – these lovely family photos below will do the telling…


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Michelle, Kent – once again many, many thanks for this lovely opportunity to take family photos for you in Bali. I hope you are as thrilled with these family photos as I am.

Truly’ – Dominik

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