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From the outset it was apparent that for Amy and Lee their wedding photographs were of great importance. This was partly due to the fact that they were eloping and wanted to have a spectacular documentation of their big day to show for. Consequently we had a quite lengthy exchange of emails where an ideal schedule for the day was discussed. Also we discussed locations other than their wedding venue for additional photographs depicting Bali’s unique beauty. This schedule was then finalized when I met Amy & Lee a few days before their wedding.  In the end the ceremony was set for early afternoon. That allowed us to proceed to some stunning locations for more photography after the ceremony.  They briefed me that what they were looking for were wedding photographs that were natural and which portrayed the beauty of Bali.

We were all very lucky on that day because during the morning it was raining heavily. It continued to rain until only half an hour before their ceremony was scheduled. The wedding itself took place at one of Bali’s most spectacular and rather remote beach.

After the ceremony we spend one more hour on the beach close to their wedding venue. Then we departed for more pictures in another part of Bali.

The locations for this part of the day were a mix of temple and Balinese architecture,  rice field and some more. The crowning conclusion were the sunset wedding photographs close to a spectacular shore-side temple.

I connected very well with Lee and Amy on a personal level, which in turn allowed me to meet their objective of natural looking wedding photographs.  Rather than further describing this wonderful wedding and the ensuing photo session, I leave you dear reader with my favorite selection of the wedding photographs for Amy & Lee:


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It was a very gratifying experience and an honour to make wedding photographs for Lee and Amy. And I hope to see them again in a few years for some family photography.

Truly’ – Dominik


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