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I have chosen this title not by chance, but because the nuptials of Sam & Mike were one of superlatives indeed. Even for a seasoned – “seen it all” – Bali wedding photographer…  Firstly: Sam: the stunning bride and her RED SHOES… can it get any better ? Hardly! Superlative number two: I thought in my career as a Bali wedding photographer I have already seen the villas with the longest beach fronts. Boy, was I wrong. I haven’t measured it but the beach front of this estate must have been 300-400 meters or even longer…  AMAZING! Superlative No.3: I am not 100% certain but this estate must have been one of the biggest I’ve ever seen as a wedding photographer. Which in the end turned out to be a bit of drag for me. Because walking from the room where the bride got ready to the other end of the estate was at least a 5-7 minutes exercise.  And this estate was ‘proly the most remote wedding venue I have ever been in Bali. But the most important superlative for me as the wedding photographer was:  THE LIGHT. It was one of those days where the late afternoon light was absolutely perfect.  I love those golden / orange hues of the late afternoon sun.

So much about the superlatives, which I encountered. ..

The lovely crowd at this wedding comprised people from opposite ends of the world: Canada & Australia.  And I am very glad that during the evening I had the opportunity to make some acquaintances among the guests.

This magnificent event had also all the components that make for a perfect wedding. Stunning décor, a live guitar player before and during the ceremony, mouth-watering catering, a live band in the evening, a DJ, a slide show of some highly entertaining pix from the couple’s youth, a stunning hot-air balloon release, and, and, and…

I leave you now with my perspective as the wedding photographer of this fabulous event:


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It was a very rewarding and gratifying experience to be the wedding photographer for Sam & Mike. And I hope to see you guys again some time in the future for the baby photos…

Truly’ – Dominik


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