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When I met this lovely couple from Australia for the first time I asked them what they were looking for in their photographer. And Adrienne made it perfectly clear that she wanted true wedding photo journalism. None of the ‘posy’ , look-here-and-smile kind of photos.  A perfect match, because indeed wedding photo journalism is my forte and you will have a hard time finding those  ‘say-cheese’ photos in my work.  It is story telling that drives my work  and that was exactly what they were after.

I arrived 1.5 hrs prior to ceremony to document some of the preparations and to get plenty of venue shots. And what a venue it was.  150 meters of unobstructed ocean view, a huge infinity pool and several  super spacious and luxuriously appointed rooms.  The bride was getting ready in a villa on one end of the property, whereas the groom and his groom’s men a 3 minute walk away at the other end of the property.

The mood amongst the ladies was very relaxed, probably also due to the free flow of champagne…  During the final part of the preparations Adrienne’s parents came and I enjoyed witnessing how mum and dad made sure that all was perfect with Adrienne before she departed towards the altar.

For me wedding photo journalism is about anticipating those defining moments of a wedding. And what a moment it was when Adrienne and her father gracefully walked down the aisle.  And there were also plenty of other moments to indulge in wedding photo journalism. The best of which I am going to reveal to you below.

Because the estate itself offers a limited choice of spaces for photography and because the couple did not want to go outside, the rest of the afternoon was also covered in true wedding photo journalism as opposed to me arranging for some shots.  The only exception were  some shots during the sunset period where I directed the couple for some slightly posed pictures.

The highlights of the evening were a spectacular fire dance performance and the first dance.  For Adrienne’s & Patrick’s first dance wedding photo journalism can’t do justice. This was the best first dance I ever witnessed in my entire career. It was more a well rehearsed performance that still had the emotional moments of a first dance but with MUCH more ‘bang’.  After that the crowds joined in and I left.



I hope I have met the couple’s objective of true wedding photo journalism and wish them very well. And those who know Adrienne & Pat well will understand why I say that there is a good chance to see them as ‘three ‘  in Bali soon again…

Truly’ Dominik


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