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This session of family photography in Bali is very dear to my heart. I had photographed this lovely couple’s wedding back in the early years of my career – around 2005 or 2006. And out of this assignment a friendship developed between them. And our families meet at least once a year ever since.

A few months back Zue contacted me and asked me to schedule a session for family photography in Bali. I turned down that request and said to her that I much more would prefer if instead our two families spend an afternoon together and I just bring some cameras and ‘snap away’…  She happily agreed to that.

I set myself the goal for this to be genuinely natural and 100% un-posed family photography. So my directions were limited to asking them to have fun on the horse or to get in the water…  In my opinion family photography in Bali is not about perfect portraits but to combine the natural beauty with a great portion fun and spontaneity.

One of the challenges with family photography in Bali is how to keep the children interested and involved in the photoshoot. To address this we asked the children whether they would like to ride a horse.  They were very enthusiastic about this idea. I think horses are a fantastic idea to provide some fun for the children for family photography in Bali.

Another challenge that arose was the wind. You will see some very messy hair on some of the photos. However, this was not to ‘spoil the party’. On the contrary it made the photographs look even more natural and spontaneous… And for mum it wasn’t a problem at all because she has very short hair.

After we were done with the horses I asked them to get a bit wet and have fun in the water. The late afternoon light was perfect and provided for some very warm hues. The biggest success though was keeping those two gorgeous young ladies interested in the photoshoot.  I leave you now with my favorites from this photo session:


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I look forward to more family photography in Bali with my friends in the coming years…

Truly’ Dominik


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